This page contains short training movies on specific procedures in VectorWorks®. They are free to download. The files are Quicktime .mov files compressed as .zip archives.
A brief tutorial on using fills with Styled and Unstyled walls
A demonstration of how to add a tool and assign a shortcut to a palette in a worksapce.
Create a horizontal section cut using by making a section viewport of an elevation view of a regular viewport.
9/6/2007 Using the 3D Reshape Tool to notch walls around windows that cross two stacked walls in VectorWorks 12.
How to display and change data from a symbol with text linked to a record to a 2-Way worksheet database. April 25, 2008. VW2008
A tutorial on using a Birail Sweep (Loft) to generate a smooth ramp between two different objects. VW2008 June 12, 2008
Using Extrude Along Path to put a molding around a set of walls. VW2008, October 14, 2008
A brief overview of using the Place Plants tool and setting plant sizes and symbol definitions. November 18, 2008
How to make a bent wire shape in Vectorworks 2009
Movie showing transfer of dara from a Numbers workbook to a VW Worksheet using copy and paste.
Movie showing the use of the polyline tool, primarily in Tangent Arc mode for tracing a scanned object.
A way to use the Push-Pull Tool and the Split tool to miter and join objects