About Dan and Pat

Dan Jansenson and Pat Stanford are the producers and hosts of The PodCAD Podcast. TPP is a monthly audio podcast providing "News, Hints and Opinion from the World of VectoWorks." Available for free at the iTunes store or www.podcad.tv, TPP is in its third year.

Both Pat and Dan are longtime VW users and experienced trainers.

Dan Jansenson is an architect in private practice based in Santa Monica, California.

A longtime Vectorworks user, he teaches seminars in the use of Vectorworks and Renderworks, presentation graphics and small-office project management. Dan uses Vectorworks daily in his residential and small commercial practice, and his experience gained in the field is used extensively in his training materials and seminars. He is the author of the Renderworks Recipe Book.

Dan can be reached at
danj@vectortasks.com or (310) 451-5907

Pat Stanford is an engineer and president of Coviana, Inc., a consulting firm based in El Segundo, California.

Pat has been using Vectorworks (and its predecessor MiniCad) since 1992. Pat teaches both individual and group classes in Vectorworks and other software. He has run the Southern California Vectorworks Users group since 1998. Pat's daily work involves both 2D diagrams and 3D models of water treatment equipment and assemblies.

Pat can be reached at
pat@vectortasks.com or (310) 322-4205

For general information about seminars please send email to